Fields Cannary

Fields Dispensary

Our retail dispensary will carry a curated list of thoughtfully selected products. Shop in our beautifully designed store with assistance from knowledgeable staff or have your product delivered directly to your table.


Our festive and chic Restaurant will offer a seasonal menu designed around local ingredients. Rooted will have a full bar that also focuses on local beer, cider, and wines from Michigan.

Amber Lounge

A warm and fashionable space for cannabis consumption alongside our distinctive restaurant and bar. A judgment-free environment for the canna-curious to the Connoisseur.


  • Our restaurant and lounge are designed with flexible spaces for group events of all sizes to host your Birthdays, Weddings, or Corporate meetings.
  • Fields offers room for live events such as concerts, comedy, and even yoga workshops.
  • The license also allows for us to hold large-scale events throughout the state of Michigan away from our 4-acre property.

State-of-the-Art Greenhouse Facility

Innovation and expertise fuels an unparalleled harvest of connoisseur-grade cannabis with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

On-site Processing

Through an innovative partnership with Mammoth Labs, our cutting-edge processing facility meticulously crafts award-winning high-terpene extracts and formulations.

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