Fields Cannary

Fields Dispensary

Our retail dispensary will carry a curated list of thoughtfully selected products. Shop in our beautifully designed store with assistance from knowledgeable staff or have your product delivered directly to your table.


Our festive and chic Restaurant will offer a seasonal menu designed around local ingredients. Rooted will have a full bar that also focuses on local beer, cider, and wines from Michigan.

Amber Lounge

A warm and fashionable space for cannabis consumption alongside our distinctive restaurant and bar. A judgment-free environment for the canna-curious to the Connoisseur.


  • Our restaurant and lounge are designed with flexible spaces for group events of all sizes to host your Birthdays, Weddings, or Corporate meetings.
  • Fields offers room for live events such as concerts, comedy, and even yoga workshops.
  • The license also allows for us to hold large-scale events throughout the state of Michigan away from our 4-acre property.

State-of-the-Art Greenhouse Facility

Innovation and expertise fuels an unparalleled harvest of connoisseur-grade cannabis with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

On-site Processing

Through an innovative partnership with Mammoth Labs, our cutting-edge processing facility meticulously crafts award-winning high-terpene extracts and formulations.

Invest in the World’s First Cannary


Dispensary • Lounge • Events • Restaurant • Bar • Cultivation • Processing

Cannabis, Alcohol & Hospitality | All-in-One, Industry-First Opportunity

Welcome to the World’s First Cannary


The U.S. Cannabis Market has the Potential to Reach $45.8 Billion by 2025. The Cannabis Tourism and Hospitality Sector is Predicted to reach $17 billion.

Join the Movement and be a part of Field’s Revolutionary Concept the Cannary.


Fields Cannary: [kan-ah-ree] is to the cannabis industry what breweries and wineries are to theirs.

We are delivering a unique collective cannabis experience that combines cultivation, processing, and dispensing with consumption, dining and entertainment, all in one location. It is the first of its kind and the start of a new category in cannabis hospitality.

Fields Cannary is not just a place—it’s a movement. Join us!

“Fields is far more than a cannabis company, what they are doing will change the industry forever.”

George V.

Co-Founder, Mammoth Labs

What makes Fields a groundbreaking company that's disrupting the cannabis and hospitality industry!

Reason #1: Industry-First Opportunity

Reason #2: Licensing Secured x Construction Underway

Reason #3: Partnership with Industry-leading Multi-State Operator

Reason #4: Prime Location in Michigan attracting 1.3 million visitors per year

Reason #5: Scalable Business Model

Reason #6: Commitment to Sustainability & Social Impact

The Opportunity

Historically, alcohol has enjoyed public privilege; cannabis enthusiasts seek the same freedom. Millennials value and expect experiences over possessions, emphasizing the need for a better cannabis customer experience. Advocates call for equal treatment and legalization, highlighting that cannabis deserves the same respect and freedom as alcohol.

Our Seed-to-Experience Solution

Fields Cannary brings together the ability to normalize cannabis like alcohol, within a hospitality-focused destination, akin to a winery or brewery, providing a unique and memorable blended experience. Our mission is to spearhead the transformation of the cannabis industry by leading and reshaping perceptions of cannabis consumption and reimaging all-in-one experiences.

Meet the Team

Edgar Ramon

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

25+ years experience in finance and emerging markets. Experienced to lead the financial operations of the company and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Cory Roberts

Co-Founder/Chief Cultivation Officer (CCO) & Vice President

Cannabis R&D Specialists

30+ years experience in cannabis cultivation, processing & sales. Social equity licensee committed to promoting access, equity & inclusion.

Joanne Ramon

Co-Founder/Secretary & Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

20+ years’ experience in hospitality and event planning.

BA in social work and educated on the advocacy and activism necessary for social justice.

Mammoth Labs

Strategic Partner/Chief Science Officer (CSO)

A highly acclaimed award-winning extraction and cultivation company. For nearly a decade they have been thriving in the West Coast cannabis markets of WA, OR, CA and NV and excited to expand to Michigan.

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